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Don't pay $100 to an Email Writer to write an email, instead, use EmailKit
and get 2500+ ready to send, Sales driven, email templates with an email writing tool.

Instead of hiring email writers, use EmailKit and save your time, energy, and money!

...and get 5x higher open rates, CTR, sales, and profits...

No matter what you sell or who you sell it to!

Get 2500+ ready to send, proven, sales email templates with powerful email writing tools to convert your leads into customers from day one.


All email copies are written by our top-notch copywriters to maximize your email marketing profits.

2500+ email templates

Ready to send to your subscribers.

Lifetime monthly updates

You will always receive new emails to send.

Can request custom email

If you need, we will write personal email for free.

Email writing software

Developed for writing, editing & managing email.

How OCS EmailKitHelps Achieve Your Email Marketing Goals.

How OCS EmailKit Helps Achieve Your Email Marketing Goals.

2500+ (ready to use) sales-generating email templates, monthly updates, and personalized email request options ensure you never run out of emails.

Fill-in-the-blank option that ensures you can write hyper-focused sales emails in a minute even if you don't know the A, B, C of copywriting.

All emails are written by our world-class copywriters that help you to get a better delivery rate, click-through rate, open rate, and of course better ROI from day one.

Our email writing tool helps you to edit emails and compose your own custom emails in a minute. You can organize, edit, save, delete, copy, download, and do many other things also with this email writing tool.

We provide free monthly email updates that ensure you will always have a new email to send to your customers.

You'll get a personalized email request capability that meets your specific needs.

How we'll solve yourProblemLet's see...

The problems we solve withOCS EmailKit

The problems we solve
with OCS EmailKit

problem #01

Lack of Copywriting Skills – Don't know how to write a sales email Which converts leads into buyers.

Solution #01

We provide 2500+ [ready-to-use] emails with monthly free updates and the ability to request custom emails so you don't need to write sales emails yourself.

problem #02

You don't have time – You use your valuable time to develop your business and don't want to waste it writing.

Solution #02

After having access to EmailKit you will no longer need to write your emails and you can save your valuable time and invest it for your business growth and other important tasks.

problem #03

Hiring a Copywriter – Copywriter charges $100 to write an email and takes a few days to deliver because they work with some other clients as well but you want to save $1000 in the long run, Want email quickly and don't want to hire someone who won't give their full attention to writing your emails because they work for other clients as well.

Solution #03

Because we are giving 2500+ [ready-to-send] email copy with lifetime free updates, so you don't need to hire someone to write your email. And save $1000 in the long run.

problem #04

Existing emails not working – Max emails not being delivered to inbox, not getting open rate and click-through rate, and not converting email list to buyer.

Solution #04

Our emails are written by our world class copywriters, and our customers have already made millions of dollars through these emails, so I believe you can get the same result.

Here's what's Inside
OCS EmailKit

Get all the powerful email copies you need to send to your prospects and convert them into customers.

Last Updated: June 2022

P.S: All emails have the potential to inspire users to take action.

2500+ Email Templates

All [ready-to-use] email copy templates are segmented by their niche and types.

Proven Subject Line

300+ subject lines from 8 different categories which ensure that the email will be opened by the user.

Proven Power word

1200+ important power words that should be added to your email copy to get better CTR.

Proven Spam word

300+ very important spam word list that must be ignored from your email copy so that the email can get delivered to the inbox.

Email Templates & Signature

11+ fully customizable email templates from different categories and 8+ email signatures that help in achieving better CTR and building a brand.

Email Marketing Kit

We've added powerful email marketing cheat sheets, checklists, videos to master email marketing.

Type Of Email Templates
in OCS EmailKit

We've added almost all types of emails that fit your email marketing funnel stage.

P.S: All emails are written to promote products or services.

Welcome Email

Use these email copies to send a welcome email to new subscribers to your list.

Post Purchase Email

Use these emails to offer related products/services to recent buyers to increase sales.

Feedback Email

These email copies help you to get feedback from your customers which helps you to improve your product.

Order Delivered Email

You must inform customer that you have actually delivered the product and use these emails to achieve the same goal.

Privacy Email

Use these email copies to notify your audience whenever your company policies change.

Product Recommendation Email

Recommend more, Earn more...! Use these email copies to recommend products to your customers.

Re-Engagement Email

This will help you re-engage your subscribers who are not re-opening or reading your emails.

Limited Time Offer Email

This will help you promote limited time and discount offers.

Abandonment Cart Email

When someone adds your product to their cart, You can use these emails to gently nudge them toward conversion.

Survey Email

Use these emails to ask your customers for a survey by offering something exciting.

Download Email

You can send any downloadable files to your customer by using the email copies.

Order Failed Email

You can use these emails to alert your customers whenever a payment fails for any reason.

Redeem Email

You can use these emails to send redemption offer to your leads to increase sales.

Newsletter Email

Use these email copies to share your knowledge or drive traffic to your website.

Emotional Selling Email

This will help you target your audience emotionally.

Pre-Launch Email

Swipe this email for the pre-launch of your product.

Order Confirmation Email

Use these emails to send a confirmation email to your audience when they purchase something from you.

Discount Email

Use these email copies to send discount-related emails to your warm or hot audiences to get more sales.

Order Cancel Email

Use these emails when someone cancels your subscription. it could help bring them back.

Webinar Email

Use these emails to communicate and persuade your leads to attend your webinars.

Reminder Email

Use these emails to remind your customer of their subscription, deals, and other important things.

List Nurturing Email

You can use these email copies to nurture your email list.

Story Telling Email

This story-based email can be used to promote your product.

Product-Launch Email

Swipe this email for the product launch of your product.

Check out some samples here.

Remember, these are just samples, you can get access to 2,500+ email copies as well as an email writing tool at a huge discount today.

It Doesn't Matter What Industry
Your Business Is In...

EmailKit is suitable for almost every business, some of them are mentioned below...



Weight Loss


Internet Marketing

Beauty & Skin Care

Alternative Medicine

Dating & Relationship

Online Business


Self Help

Video Marketing

Local Business


Who Can UseOneclickscript

If you are running an online business and if you have managed to collect email addresses, then you need to get access to Oneclickscript. To give you clarity, I am listing below who can access Oneclickscript for maximum benefits.

Who Can UseOCS EmailKit?

If you are running an online business and if you have managed to collect email addresses, then you need to get access to Oneclickscript. To give you clarity, I am listing below who can access Oneclickscript for maximum benefits.

SaaS Business Owner


Service Providers

Affiliate Marketers


Email Copywriter


Course Creators

ECommerce Store




Local Business Owner

For School/College

For Podcasting


Crypto Traders

App Developers

After purchasing Oneclickscript

You Don't need to
Care about...

There is no need to spend years mastering the art of copywriting.

No need to read any so-called "copywriting" book.

There is no need to invest hours to craft anything on your own.

No need to write anything from scratch or from a blank screen.

No need to hire a copywriter.

No need to spend hours guiding a copywriter and

There is no need to pay $100 to the copywriter to complete your email writing.

Get over 2500+ Email Copies with Email Writing Tool and...

After purchasing Oneclickscript

You Don't need to
Care about...

Get over 2500+ Email Copies with Email Writing Tool and...

How to Edit & Download Email Templates

Select Email Type

Select the type of email you want (eg: promotional, nurturing, etc.), Choose industry or niche. then choose whether you want to send a single email or a series of emails.

Select Desired Email Copy

Now, you will see several different email copies, choose the one that best applies to your business.

Edit and download in minutes

You will find some variables inside the email, you have to change them and customize them a bit as per your requirement and hit the create button and done. that’s It. Now you can copy and download your email in different formats and send it to your email list.

Buyer's Feedback

See what others say about us.

There’s no fluff, no clickbait, no listicles. We focus all of our effort on creating extremely detailed and actionable walkthroughs.
Rated 5 out of 5

After using this template I was able to get more customers who would buy it again and refer other customers. That’s how powerful this is. I highly recommend you use this sales letter to promote your affiliate link.

Naresh Prakash
Rated 5 out of 5

I’m a blogger, and I love to write sales emails. This is the best tool that you can use to write great sales emails in 60 seconds. Recommended!

Swati Madaan
Rated 5 out of 5

I was really struggling with copywriting and I could only write one or two emails a month. Then I found this OCS, and now I can churn out hundreds of sales emails in less than an hour… Thanks for this great product.

Kiran Kumar
Rated 5 out of 5

I’m a professional writer and I like to spend a lot of time composing an email. This tool helps me save time, edit faster, and reduce the number of errors.

Pulkeet Sharma

License: Commercial Use

How you can EARN $1k, $2k or even $5k
From Oneclickscript EmailKit?

You can start your own email writing service and earn $1000, $2000, or even $5000 by selling emails.

Using Oneclickscript you can start email writing service on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. within 1/2 hour even if you don’t have copywriting skills.

Look, how much people charge for writing emails.

Start an Email Writing Service and
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What Happen, If you Choose...


You can hire a "so-called" professional email copywriter to write your email.

Write Yourself

You can write emails on your own but it takes money, time, effort, risk, and commitment.

Use Oneclickscript

Ready to plug-and-play 2500+ emails with lifetime free updates.


Do you send a guesswork email and want people to open, click and buy from it. BUT, You don't get desired results?

Here are The Reasons...

When you write predictable emails it probably means you don't understand your audience's need, want, problem, desire, and of course the psychology of your audience.
If you are writing emails without researching your audience then your email will always fail.
And because of that, your prospect will never respond to you, never take action in your favor, rather they will unsubscribe from you and you will lose your customer forever.
Bad email copy drives up the unsubscribe rate, which means you not only lose out on potential emails but you lose out on a future customer who could have bought multiple products from you. But, you lose them because of your ugly email copies.

Do yourself a favor and invest in emails that are psychology-proven, tested by professionals, and deliver consistent results every time!

So Let me Ask YOU...!

Do you want to save your precious time, money, effort and want to get better results from your email marketing, do you want to increase the open rate, click-through rate, do you want to generate $1000 per month with email marketing.
Let Me Recap...

Types of Email
You Will Get

Welcome Email

Survey Email

Order Cancel Email

Privacy Email

Newsletter Email

Story Telling Email

Abandonment Cart Email

Discount Email

Order Delivered Email

Redeem Email

List Nurturing Email

Limited Time Offer Email

Order Confirmation Email

Feedback Email

Order Failed Email

Reminder Email